With wide-ranging capability through our fleet of machines, we are able to consistently deliver quality, accurate and timely Earthworks, Cut & Fill and Ground Remediation projects to our valued clients. 

We operate as a principal contractor or sub-contractor on a variety of schemes ranging from small housing projects to large scale infilling exercises.

Our machines are fitted with the latest technology in machine control (GPS). Used by the construction industry on earthworks equipment since the late 1990s, the technology allows decisions to be made based on data, rather than relying on fallible traditional methods or the skill and experience of the operator. As a result, machine control has effectively increased operators’ productivity and accuracy across our business. We employ highly skilled engineering staff who have a wealth of knowledge on Cut & Fill design and projects. This led to us having the latest technology in Hybrid Positioning Systems.

Our Hybrid Positioning system has a lightweight GNSS receiver on the prism, which enables the system to reacquire targets even in challenging conditions. Setups are a streamlined and straight forward process.

You can select safe, convenient locations and define the unknown point of your instrument from GNSS measurements. This gives us an upper hand, enabling us to increase the accuracy when out in the field.

We utilise the latest software applications not only in the East Midlands, but across the whole of the UK. With this we can offer Cut & Fill Designs, Site surveys, Hydrological Vector Surveys and material take-offs. AGTEK is a cutting-edge, integrated software solution for quantity take-off, machine control modelling, project implementation, planning, and production control for earthworks, paving and drainage.

Turning data into action, these products are collaborative tools for estimating, value engineering, project management and strategic planning.

Solid model visualisations with dynamic simulations create the fastest, most accurate take-offs and 3D models with optimised earthworks plans to allow effective site management. This comprehensive digital twin allows us to monitor project performance throughout the construction life cycle.

The use of AGTEK technology allows ATD Civils & Groundworks to confidently deliver excellence right from the start. Completing work effectively and sustainably, highlighting potential issues before they arise, all whilst offering the best value to our clients.